Wireless Security Systems are fast becoming the leading industry standard for homes, apartments, and offices. This is predominantly due to convenience, competitive pricing, and comprehensive, real-time protection. Scoop is proud to partner with Ajax Systems and this article highlights the benefits of Ajax, and the security it offers to end-users.

What is Ajax?

Ajax is an intelligent, reliable security alarm system that can easily be installed and configured in most environments. Its primary focus includes deterring intruders, early detection of fires and floods, live-streaming security cameras and controlling select home appliances in real-time. The Ajax mobile app instantly notifies users and security companies should intrusion or hazards arise.

Why choose Ajax?

  • Hassle-free installation and setup

  • Supports multiple users

  • Allows multiple Group set-up, and arm / disarm independently

  • Stream existing cameras through RTSP or CCTV provider cloud service

  • 3rd party integration

  • Variety of detectors, and accessories

  • Informative Notifications

  • Prevents Sabotage

  • Keeps your system confidential

  • Central Monitoring Station

Ajax Hub StarterKit

The Ajax AJ-HSK-W is a convenient Ajax Hub StarterKit.

The StarterKit Includes:

Included detectors detect human presence and the opening of windows and doors when the system is armed. The hub sends a notification of an alarm to the Central Monitoring Station and the system owners. The capabilities of the starter kit can be easily extended by adding additional detectors and automation devices.

R 3 895 incl + Installation

Ajax Hub  2G and Ethernet Control Panel

R 2 895 incl

The Ajax AJ-H2-W manages the Ajax security system with provision for visual alarm verifications. Hub 2 manages all the Ajax devices in the system to alert users about open doors, broken windows, or threats of fire and flooding. If the motion is detected, the Hub 2 transmits pictures from the MotionCam detectors and notifies the alarm response company.

The Hub 2 uses Ethernet or one of the 2 SIM cards to guarantee the delivery of the alarms and photos. The channels work in parallel and back each other up in case of emergency. Compression and transmission protocols guarantee lightning-fast delivery of the photo series even with weak Internet connectivity.


The Ajax AJ-MP-B is a wireless motion detector that notifies the owner of the first signs of intrusion. The detector is fastened to the wall in front of the doors and other points of entry. The device detects human presence by IR level using a passive IR sensor. The data received is digitally processed in order to prevent false alarms. The device automatically increases or decreases the sensor sensitivity in order to accurately detect motion during hot and cold weather.

R 950 incl


The Ajax AJ-DP-B is a wireless opening detector that notifies of first signs of room intrusion by means of an open door or window. The device detects the door or window being opened by way of high-end reed switches on which the magnetic field acts.

R 625 incl

R 2 775 incl

The Ajax AJ-MPO-W is a wireless outdoor motion detector with an advanced anti-masking system and pet-immunity. To prevent cases of sabotage, the MotionProtect Outdoor is fitted with a tamper button and an advanced anti-masking system that remains active 24/7. A tamper alarm is immediately activated if someone attempts to dismount the detector from the SmartBracket.

The Ajax AJ-SC-B is a wireless remote used for arming and disarming the Ajax system. It also features a panic button and scenario button that can be programmed for smart home control.

R 525 incl

The Ajax AJ-SC-B is a wireless remote used for arming and disarming the Ajax system. It also features a panic button and scenario button that can be programmed for smart home control.

R 1 695 incl

The Ajax AJ-HS-B is a wireless indoor 81 to 105dB siren. The unit indicates whether the alarm is armed or disarmed by means of a built-in LED and an external LED connection is also available.

R 1 050 incl

The Ajax AJ-SS-B is a wireless indoor or outdoor, 85-113dB siren. The unit indicates whether the alarm is armed or disarmed by means of a built-in LED. When the alarm is triggered, the siren and LED are activated.

R 2 250 incl

R 825.00 incl

The Ajax AJ-LP-W is a wireless leak detection unit that can be placed even in hard-to-reach places. It doesn't require installation, goes years without maintenance. If your washing machine leaks or a pipe breaks, the detector will react immediately and report an accident. If the facility has an anti-flooding system, Ajax will automatically shut off the water supply. When the water reaches the detector, it immediately raises the alarm. All four sides of the LeaksProtect have contact pairs. If any one of them makes contact with the water, the detector will report a leak. When the contacts dry out and open, it notifies you that the leakage has stopped.

The Ajax AJ-FP-W is a wireless fire detector with an integrated temperature sensor that monitors the security in a room and immediately alerts you of the presence of smoke or sharp jumps in temperature. The device detects the smoke by means of a camera with a photoelectric sensor. If no smoke is emitted, the additional detector registers the temperature increase in the room. It can operate independently from the hub, emitting a fire alarm by means of a built-in 85dB siren.

R 1 295 incl

Ajax Software

For users

Ajax Mobile, Ajax Pro, and Ajax Pro Desktop offer rich functionality to manage the Ajax system from anywhere. All that is required is a modern smartphone or laptop with internet, and access to your intelligent control panel with administrative rights.


  • Remote - Arm / Disarm the system

  • Virtual Panic Button with GPS co-ordinates

  • Notifications Tab

  • Detailed device status

  • Smart Geofencing Reminders

  • Secure Application Login with fingerprint or password

*Note: Ajax Mobile, Ajax Pro, and Ajax Pro Desktop are free to use.


For Security Companies

The Ajax 911 app, available on Windows and macOS, takes professional monitoring to a new level.


  • Monitor operations for all protected facilities on one screen.

  • Instant alarm response

  • Remote configuration

  • Filter history events by type: alarm malfunctions and arming/disarming

  • Tools for Directors, Operators and Engineers

Why Ajax 911?

  • Cloud infrastructure at no additional cost

  • 99.99% uptime

  • No-risk for mechanical error