What is Covered and for How Long?
Samsung Telecommunications Represented by LM Communications.
(“Samsung”) warrants to the original purchaser (“Purchaser”) that Samsung’s Phones and accessories (“Products”) are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the period commencing upon the date of purchase and continuing for the following specified period of time after that date:

What is Not Covered?
These Warranties are conditioned upon proper use of Product by Purchaser.
These Warranties do not cover the following:

  • Defects or damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress, or modification of any part of Product, including antenna, or cosmetic damage;

  • Equipment that has the serial number removed or made illegible, serial number and/or warranty stickers tampered with;

  • Any plastic surfaces or other externally exposed parts that are scratched or damaged due to normal use;

  • Malfunctions resulting from the use of Product in conjunction with accessories, products, or ancillary/peripheral equipment not furnished or approved by Samsung;

  • Defects or damage from improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, or adjustment;

  • Installation, maintenance, and service of Product.

  • Equipment that has been altered or modified without proper authorization by LM Communications.

  • Equipment rendered inoperative by fire, flood, lightening, or any Act of Nature.

  • Equipment not run on a dedicated and grounded electrical outlet with a surge protector;

  • Equipment damaged from power surges.

This Warranty covers:
Batteries only if battery capacity falls below 80% of rated capacity or the batter leaks, and this Warranty does not cover any battery if,

1.     The battery has been charged by a battery charger not specified or approved by Samsung for charging the battery,

2.     Any of the seals on the battery are broken or show evidence of tampering, or

3.     The battery has been used in equipment other than the Samsung product for which it is specified.

What are Samsung’s Obligations?

During the applicable warranty period, Samsung will repair or replace, at Samsung’s sole option, without charge to the Purchaser, any defective component part of Product.  To obtain service under this Warranty, Purchaser must return Product to an authorized phone service facility in an adequate container for shipping, accompanied by Purchaser’s sales receipt or comparable substitute proof of sale showing the date of purchase, the serial number of Product and the seller’s name and address.
To obtain assistance on where to deliver the Product, call LM Communications at +27 11 926 2332 or + 27 11 057-4112/3.

Upon receipt, Samsung will promptly repair or replace the defective Product.  Samsung may, at Samsung’s sole option, use rebuilt, reconditioned, or new parts or components when repairing any Product or replace Product with a rebuilt, reconditioned or new Product.  Repaired/Replaced Product cases and holsters will be warranted for a period of ninety (90) days.  All other repaired/replaced Product will be warranted for a period equal to the remainder of the original Warranty on the original Product or for 90 days, whichever is longer.  All replaced parts, components, boards and equipment shall become the property of Samsung.
If Samsung determines that any Product is not covered by this Warranty, Purchaser must pay all parts, shipping, and labour charges for the repair or return of such Product.

What are the Limits on Samsung’s Liability?
Except as set forth in the express warranty contained herein, Purchaser takes the product “as is,” and Samsung makes no warranty or representation and there are no conditions, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, of any kind whatsoever with respect to the product, including but not limited to:

1.     The merchantability of the product or it’s fitness for any particular purpose or use;

2.     Warranties of title or non-infringement; design, condition, Quality, or performance of the product; the                               workmanship of the product or the components contained therein; or

3.     Compliance of the product with the requirements of any law, rule, specification or contract pertaining thereto.

Nothing contained in the instruction manual shall be construed to create an express warranty of any kind whatsoever with respect to the product.  All implied warranties and conditions that may arise by operation of law, including if applicable the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to the same duration of time as the express written warranty stated herein.  Some provinces do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.  In addition, Samsung shall not be liable for any damages of any kind resulting from the Purchaser, use, or misuse of, or inability to use the product or arising directly or indirectly from the use or loss of use of the product or from the breach of the express warranty, including incidental, special, consequential or similar damages, or loss of anticipated profits or benefits, or for damages arising from any sort (including negligence or gross negligence) or fault committed by Samsung, it’s Agents or Employees, or for any breach of contract or for any claim brought against purchaser by any other party.  Some Provinces do not all the exclusion or Limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.  This warranty gives you specified legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from province to province.  This Warranty shall not extend to anyone other than the original purchaser of this product and states Purchaser’s exclusive remedy.  If any portion of this warranty is held illegal or unenforceable by reason of any law, such partial illegality or unenforceability shall not affect the enforceability for the remainder of this warranty which purchaser acknowledges is and will always be construed to be limited by its terms or as limited as the law permits. The Parties understand that the purchaser may use third-party software or equipment in conjunction with the product. Samsung makes no warranties or representations and there are no conditions, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, as to the quality, capabilities, operations, performance or suitability of any third-party software or equipment is included with the product distributed by Samsung or otherwise, including the ability to integrate any such software or equipment with the product.  The quality, capabilities, operations, performance and suitability of any such third-party software or equipment lie solely with the purchaser and the direct vendor, owner or supplier of such third-party software or equipment, as the case may be.

This Warranty allocates risk of Product failure between Purchaser and Samsung, and Samsung’s Product pricing reflects this allocation of risk and the limitations of liability contained in this Warranty.  The agents, employees, distributors, and dealers of Samsung are not authorized to make modifications to his Warranty, or make additional warranties binding on Samsung.  Accordingly, additional statements such as dealer advertising or presentation, whether oral or written, do not constitute warranties by Samsung and should not be relied upon.

The warranty only applies through the dealership that purchased the original equipment from LM Communications.  Should any other Samsung dealer, without the written consent of LM Communications work on the system; this will nullify the warranty with immediate effect.

Should any unauthorized and untested equipment be connected to the Samsung PABX this will nullify the warranty.

The Warranty applies to Latent Defects and is limited to the period of specific Warranty purchased, from date of shipment from LM Communications grounds.

LM Communications makes no representation or express warranty with respect to the product accepts those stated in this document.  The Warranty only applies to Samsung PABX products.
LM Communications disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, as to any such product, including and without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and any implied warranties arising from statue, trade usage, course of dealing, or course of performance.