Information Technology

Service Level Agreement

LM Communications SLA will allow you to focus on your core business. Your business acquires years of experience in building and managing networks without the costs associated with hiring a certified, in-house, IT team.

* Virtual Chief Information Officer, we are always there, even when we’re not!
* Leading Technological skills, at a fraction of the price.
* Increase IT Productivity and IT Support Continuity.
* Hardware and Software procurement.
* Reduce and control operating costs.
* Share risks – Managed IT

Choose from three Support contracts, Unlimited Fixed - Standard – Remote

SLA Features

Windows Server and Desktop Support
Network Monitoring and Security
Network System Evaluation
Wifi extender installation 
Back-up Support and Maintenance
Internet Support
Hardware and Software Support
Remote Support
Network Management
Server Administration
Telephone Support

As an addition to our services, LM Communications distributes all types of computer hardware and software.

Our IT sales professional’s work falls into the three main areas of pre-sales, sales, and post-sales support of hardware and software:
Pre-Sales – this area involves supporting pre-sales activities by giving detailed information about technical specifications and the ways in which they could meet the customers’ needs, often demonstrating those features before a sale;
Sales – the actual sale involves negotiating a commercial agreement to the benefit of both customer and supplier;
Post-Sales – technical support, which follows the sale, can include solving faults and problems, or maximising the use of software features, as well as advising on appropriate user training.

We are able to deliver quality of service by gaining a thorough and detailed knowledge of technical specifications and other features of the clients system. We promote awareness and keep our team abreast of constanty changing software, hardware systems and peripherals.

Hardware & Software featured services include:
Hardware equipment sales
Computers / Servers / Printers / Cartridges and toners / Network switches / UPS / Modems / LCD Screens / TV Cards / Memory / CPU / Harddrives / Computer Storage etc.
Software sales
Antivirus Software / Microsoft Software / Server Software / Opensource Software
Diagnosis and Repairs
Printer repair / PC Repairs / Warrantee repairs
Computer Security
Computer Safe / Notebook security cable / Burglar gates etc.
Feel free to contact us for a query on any hardware and or software not listed above!

LM Communications offers a one-stop solution for internet users both at home and in the office environment.Our solutions are capable of providing a home user level of performance and an office level of performance. To accomplish this we will be allowing users to subscribe to a Grade of Service that will meet their requirements. In practical terms this means that power users get better grades of service to accommodate the increase in the amount of traffic they will use in an everyday situation.

This Grade of Service will support the following applications:

• Web Browsing
• Web based e-mail
• Client / Server e-mails with attachments• Video Conferencing
• Newsgroup access (including binary groups)
• FTP Server access
• Netmeeting
• VPN’s
• Peer-to-peer file sharing applications
• Remote Desktop applications


Software and Hardware

Internet and Mobility

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