LM Communications is an emerging Telecommunication and ICT company with combined technical resources with experiences in excess of 30-Years in the telecommunication and ICT industry in South Africa with various organizations.

To effectively run a business in today’s modern age means having a sound IT infrastructure so your business isn’t left behind. That’s where LM Communications comes in. We utilise our years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field to make sure your premises's network runs smoothly. Whether you need network cable installation, high quality picture IP cameras , server room design, or even wireless solutions put in place, you need to talk to us!


Every business has its own requirements when it comes to IT infrastructure, and LM Communications gets that. We have been supplying and installing IT components for over a decade and we know what companies need to bring them into a modern era, on par with international standards.


Whether you need a completely new ICT network put in place, your existing network upgraded or additional infrastructure developed, we can help. Our infrastructure solutions include:

Network Cabling

E Security

Voice Solutions

Fiber Optics